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Hard Choices

I hate making important decisions. I don’t even like deciding what I’m going to make for dinner or which t-shirt I’m going to wear today. It’s not that I want to make everyone happy, it’s that I’m certain that there must be a “right” answer. Making the right decision has a satisfying emotional signature embedded into it.

Decisions that have a great impact on others tend to invoke a paralytical state within me. I find myself running cost-benefit analyses and analysing endless potential outcomes. Fun. Stuff.

Pair this decision-making method with a short time frame in which to make the decision and you get teeth grinding at night and long, stressful days at work. Then you add in a little bit of nostalgia and a dash of expectation. This created a mess inside my head! But, to be honest, I was too busy at work to entertain thoughts about the “big decision.”

Of course, there were nights when Matt and I just laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Neither of us capable of falling asleep, as a combination of doom and excitement overtook us. We engaged in the “What ifs” of cyclical tail chasing. What if . .. What if . . .

Make a decision. Don’t disappoint the people you love. Make a decision. Don’t disappoint yourself. Make a decision. Opportunity is knocking. Make a decision. Yes. No. Yes. No.

We made a decision, because there was one that had to be made. Just like getting dressed in the morning or having to feed my family. You just have to make the decision. Everything else will fall into place. Life will go on. It really will.

The end result of our upheaval and chaos has led to our return to Crete.

We’re back baby!

Making global decisions,

Decision Diva


Moving In

Hello everybody! For those that have been tracking us through email and Facebook, you will know that we are finally moving in to a house here in Crete. Yes, that’s right – after 2 weeks in a hotel in Germany, 3 months in a hotel here, we are finally settling in to what is going to be the Barker house for our stay here on the beautiful island of Crete (however long that ends up being). The movers dropped everything off on Monday and we have been busily unpacking everything since then. The house here is MUCH smaller than the one we came from in Germany and we thought we had gotten rid of enough stuff before moving here, but apparently not. When the movers were unpacking everything and putting it into the house, one of them joked that while we had 10 crates worth of stuff, we had a house big enough for 5! Fortunately we are finding places for just about everything, though a few of the items we brought will get turned into firewood instead of getting put together. Oh well, probably didn’t need it anyways, right?

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Moving Out!

Well, it is almost that time. We are now just 2 days away from our big move to the island of Crete. It has been a very long process to get this done and now that the time is upon us, it is just now starting to hit us that we are actually moving. We have been in Heidelberg for almost 6 years now and have really developed quite a few relationships that we are really going to miss. This has been Gavin’s only home; it is where he was born back in 2004. Needless to say, there are a lot of things that we are going to miss about this place.

First and foremost, our friends Roy and Krystal (along with Zach, CJ, Kallee – and don’t forget Bella!) are going to be the hardest to leave. They have been there for us so many times that we can’t even begin to count. We love them tremendously and know that they will forever be a part of our family (hopefully we’ll find a way to get them over to visit us in Crete). When I imagine what friendships should be like, I know that what we have with them is a perfect example. If you guys are reading this, we love you tons!

We will also be leaving our church family behind, though we know that we will still remain a part of the church for a long time to come. Ken and Danine, along with the rest of the Klinner family have also been a big part of our family and have been a huge encouragement for us. For those that didn’t know, we have been the children’s and associate pastors at the church for a while now. We have come to know the true meaning of fellowship there and have been privileged to be a part of an international church body. For those that are curious about the place, it is Victory International in Heidelberg, Germany. If you are ever in Heidelberg and are looking for a church home, they would love to have you!

Anyways, after today we have one full day left here in Germany and then it’s off to Crete. Exciting times are ahead of us and we hope that everyone can continue to share in our lives through this site.

Hectic Week – Moving Time!

Well, this has been one very hectic week for the Barker clan. For those that don’t know already, we are in the process of moving to Chania, on the island of Crete in Greece. This has been in the works for some time now, but just recently started coming together.

When we got back from our trip to Arizona, I finally got my official job offer and subsequent orders to take us to Crete. With orders in hand, I was able to schedule the pickup of our household goods just in the nick of time, since our lease was already set to terminate at the end of August. So, the packers were scheduled to come to our house on the 27th and 28th of August.

They got there a little bit late on the 27th, but quickly got to work. But that was probably the only quick thing about it. Overall, it was a REALLY slow process, with lots of breaks and discussions. They called it quits at about 8:30 at night the first day. The second day they got there around 8:00 in the morning and worked until 11:00 at night, but did get everything all packed up. I felt bad for everyone in the neighborhood, though, as they pounded the nails in on the crates at such a late hour. Nobody got a lot of sleep that night!

While the packers were there, I shipped the first of our cars. I shipped my PT Cruiser myself, which cost us  €1100.00; for those that don’t deal in Euro, the exchange rate is really poor right now so I paid $1,653.89 to have my car shipped from Heidelberg, Germany to Piraeus, Greece. That still leaves me having to either take the ferry or fly to Piraeus, clear the car through customs, and take it back to Crete on the ferry. Fun stuff! I just hope I can figure it all out!

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