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Pick A Side, Any Side

I’ve been running for over nine years. There were some earlier years, but I don’t think my stint in college counts. Back in the day, I’d jump on a treadmill and pump out one whole whopping mile and feel like a master. So, those early days don’t really count. I used to be a dedicated treadmill runner, especially when the pollen count was astronomically high, but I’ve broadened my horizons. More recently, I have preferred to run outdoors, despite some misadventures. I enjoy being outside and seeing those lovely black swans swimming in the pond (which by the way, I just discovered were fake).

While living in Germany, and then in Greece, I have logged some serious mileage. I have seen some interesting sights on my running adventures and have had some strange stories to share. Since being back in Germany I have noticed a new trend. Well, at least I never noticed this before, and definitely not in Greece. Over the past two years I have noticed that the German runners are divided on the issue of which side of the road, path, or trail to run on. Continue reading